Financial Education in Our Community

We dedicate ourselves in the community providing a service that many people in our industry do not. We provide a chance to provide customized financial education courses to our local community-businesses and schools to their employees as well as their spouses!

The benefits of providing financial education in the workplace are wide-ranging. People are in need of money management knowledge and skills to : manage debt, save for major purchases such as a home, allocate and choose investments for their retirement and investment portfolios, an pay for their children's college educations.

We address real-life concerns and provide tools that will last a lifetime. Participants will develop healthy approaches to their personal finances and retirement planning. With the knowledge they gain, they will become more confident making financial decisions to pursue their family's overall financial goals and help improve their financial futures.

Workshop Agenda

Risk Management

  • Safeguarding money and assets
  • Protecting the family's future
  • Determining how much insurance is enough

Cash Management

  • Creating better cash flow
  • Understanding budgets
  • Managing debt
  • Building net worth

Investment Concepts 

  • Assessing investment risk tolerance
  • Avoiding common investment mistakes
  • Reviewing investment options
  • Balancing volatility and stability
  • Funding a college education

Tax Management 

  • Assessing a tax liability
  • Using tax-favored strategies to keep more income rather than giving it to Uncle Sam
  • Understanding the benefits of tax-deferred, tax-exempt, and tax-reduction strategies

Retirement Planning 

  • Calculating the cost of retirement
  • Evaluating various sources of income
  • Utilizing retirement savings programs
  • Selecting appropriate investments
  • Preparing for a more comfortable retirement
  • Avoiding penalties on retirement plan distributions and rollovers

Estate Conservation

  • Preserving more of an estate for heirs
  • Keeping an estate out of probate
  • Finding ways to help reduce estate taxes
  • Benefitting from trusts and chaitable giving strategies

Employers Benefits 

  • Increases participation in benefit programs
  • Results in positive impact on employee morale and productivity
  • Helps reduce costs associated with employees' personal financial problems, such as absenteeism
  • Becomes a valuable recruiting and retention tool
  • Encourages a culture of self-reliance and increases support for company values
  • Helps meet regulatory guidelines and reduce ERISA-related liability

Employees Benefits 

  • Improves overall financial well-being
  • Shows importance of saving for retirment
  • Increases confidence in making financial decisions
  • Improves knowledge of fundamental investing strategies and how to pay for a child's college education
  • Helps improve understanding of, participation in, and appreciation of employee-sponsored benefits
  • Encourages a focus on developing an overall lifetime financial program

Help your employees grow financially! Please contact Amber Dines, at 786.654.8250, to set up your Financial Wellness Workshop today! 

Business Planning

Business Valuations for *FREE*!

Only 98% of Business Owners Know the Value of their Business!

98%* of business owners do not know what his or her business is worth, yet 90%** are planning on the proceeds from the business to fund their retirement.

There are 200 million companies worldwide, yet only 2% know their true value! This is alarming when you consider that 45% of a business owner’s net worth is tied to the business. Consider what this can mean if you have future plans to sell your company and are counting on its worth to help fund your retirement and other goals.

We offer you a free business valuation that will accurately assess the value of your business in real-time. Most valuations are a cumbersome, time-consuming process, but this one is simple and streamlined. You’ll need to have documents such as your tax returns and some other data handy in order to get the most accurate assessment.

Once you complete an easy, 7 step process, you’ll receive a robust and informative 29 page report from us, which includes:

  • Up to 20 key performance indicators, including size, profitability and growth
  • Peer comparisons of business metrics
  • 4 different valuation figures
  • Financial performance snapshots

What is your business worth?  It’s a question you need to ask now.  If you don’t know, there’s a good chance you may be underinsured.

For more information, see our video:


Why Should You have a Business Valuation?

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